Our Shea Butter base offers ample conditioning for each hair strand, and its inflammatory properties encourage the healing of various scalp conditions to create a much healthier foundation for hair growth. 

Honey, a known humectant, benefits KÜ™ as a natural preservative. It is guaranteed to keep this herbal pomade fresh, and contributes to the sweet smell.

Incorporating various oils to guarantee a natural shine, KÜ™ also features Rosemary and Biotin to promote long-term hair growth.


Directions for Use

KÜ™ is a leave-in strengthener so there is no need to rinse it out. Can be used with wet, damp, or dry hair. 

Free Fro : Scoop with one finger and rub product into your palms until it turns clear, then rub it throughout  your hair. Separate your fro into sections to ensure even moisture throughout. Apply to your scalp by parting your fro and rubbing the pomade into the parts just like a grease. Use as a leave-in detangler. Do not rinse out, style as usual. 

Protective Styles : Apply to your roots like a grease then massage your scalp using the balls of your fingertips to stimulate the absorption of ingredients.

As a Deep Conditioner: Apply to hair evenly, put on a shower cap, and sit under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes. Afterward, rinse your hair with room temperature water for ultimate replenishment.

For Set Styles: Use KÜ™ to twist, braid, or roll  your hair, then sit under a dryer to mold your style.


*Locs : Scoop with one finger and rub into your palms until product turns clear. Rub KÜ™ down the shaft of your locs in groups of 8-15 per section. Apply to your roots like a grease, and massage your scalp using the balls of your fingertips to stimulate blood flow and lift your roots.

*Please do not use if you are in the beginning stages of your Loc journey. Using KÜ™ anywhere between 1-6 months into your journey could cause your Locs to unravel due to consistent moisture. 

Note:If you experience any irritation rinse product out immediately.